Howdy. I'm Andrew.

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Andrew Davis is the founder of SmallDot. In his early teens, Andrew started his design career in developing rich, animated signage and print graphics at his hometown library in Darien, Connecticut. For his Eagle Project as a Boy Scout, Andrew designed a user experience solution that allowed library patrons to directly provide reviews and star ratings for DVDs by filling in their rating and review on tickets inserted into every DVD in circulation.

After moving to Logan, Utah in 2011 to study graphic design at Utah State University, Andrew entered an internship in User Experience design at New Dawn Technologies. He left the internship in summer 2012. In spring 2013, Andrew joined the Logan office of Advent Integrated, a global marketing communications solutions firm, as a graphic designer. Recognizing his skills, Andrews responsibilities at Advent extended beyond design to include social interaction strategy and user experience projects . After leaving Advent in spring 2014, Andrew continues his career, pursuit and study of design while growing his small agency, SmallDot. His company has become the melting pot of all of his passion for design, interactive media, people, and business development.

Andrew currently resides in Provo, where he opened SmallDot's first corporate office location in November of 2014. The new location currently serves as a collaborative and creative space for meetings and consultations.

Andrew believes that effective commercial design should be founded upon UX principles through purposeful construction and experience. He has also taught himself a comprehension level background in CSS, HTML, and Javascript to aid in developing UX solutions for web and interaction design solutions for clients.

Andrew strives to stay current with modern mobile technology, UX strategy, and best practices. He is constantly identifying new insights into how users think, feel, and search for actionable points of engagement and interaction in a user experience.

His passion for design, people, marketing, and business fuels his determination to help small and emerging brands through the services of SmallDot.