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Thanks for your interest in Spot™. In addition to setting up your account with us, we'd like to contact you to make sure Spot is a good fit for your business. There's no obligation or risk in talking with a Spot™ Specialist. We're here to help you make the most of this exciting, new service.

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Why would I use Spot instead of Etsy or Shopify?

As a startup, cash is often king. We remove all the distracting bells and whistles you don't need and let you manage your business on YOUR terms. Spot saves you money by removing inflated commissions and monthly fees and instead provides you a predictable transaction rate, just 4.9% and thirty cents. We remove this automatically from each credit card charge so you don't have a bill at the end. Instead of charging for our service every month we want to allow you to set your own prices and take charge of your revenue stream. We provide the tools and the power. You provide the brand and the dream.

Why should I use Spot instead of Paypal?

Paypal often takes over the experience your customers have on your site. Your customers leave your site to make a purchase without a guarantee they will return. We believe in consistency and brand immersion. Let your customers stay on your site while you enjoy automatic, direct deposits every time you get a sale.

Can I use Spot to accept donations or deposits for my services?

Yes. Spot is capable of receiving donations, deposits, and anything else that requires your client or customer to use a credit or debit card.

Do you have anything special for non-profits?

Absolutely. Contact us and we'll make special arrangements with you.