Logos by SmallDot

We logo with love.

You might be wondering...

What goes into making a logo?

Research. A logo should represent how your customers should see you, not how you see yourself. We get to the bottom of what makes your company unique and the inspiration behind its founding.

Strategy. We draw out special and subtle details that tell a story for the customer that they can relate to and connect to and that they will remember from your brand and products.

Design. We determine the best way to communicate emotionally and conceptually to your customers while capturing and emphasizing what makes you... you.

How do you come up with these ideas?

Time. A good logo does not take 5 minutes or even 5 hours. Devoting time and going through rigorous revisions on concept and execution are crucial to designing the right logo. Where we start has never been where we've ended.

Team Work. The best logos come from sitting with clients and going over how they see their brand and how they want customers to see their brand and finding conceptual intersections especially when we help a company name themselves. The best ideas are inspired by someone else's ideas.

How will we help you?