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Jamison Davis (jamisondavis@gmail.com)
RTM Lines

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Estimate Details


Refresh of RTMline.com website with current site theme. Refresh for traditional sales UX and optimized engagement efficiency and availability of CTAs

Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 07.29.16, 08.05.16
Hours: 35.7 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 9 weeks.


(5x) Custom CSS Modifications$495
Unify button styles, modify head/nav bar colors, modify header height, modify h1 tag styles, modify slide transitions (left <-> right or just fade), create and install child theme to protect site from theme updates.
(4x) Sliders (3x)$396
create/change slider contents, format, images,
(1x) About Page$247.04
Fast facts, video placement(s), layout overhaul, download firm brochure button
(1x) Solutions Page$247.04
Redo layout - solutions bar, callout box, two col solutions with buttons instead of links, ABC order
(13x) Solutions sub-pages (13x)$550
Modify, apply layout to all subpage solution pages (ex: https://www.rtmline.com/solutions/agriculture-forestry/#agriculture)
(1x) H1 Tags Update (25x+)$80
Update contents of H1 tags on all pages.
(2x) Copy editing$119.05
Copy for about page, whitepapers
(1x) Google Analytics$99
Install/test Google Analytics
(2x) "Chat Now!" Feature$198
Install, configure, style Tawk.to chat module.
(1x) Whitepapers Production$148.35
Produce whitepapers doc for public download
(1x) Whitepapers$99
Create whitepapers email trap module (accept email to download whitepapers doc.)
(3x) Other Changes$89.75
Module positioning changes, deliverable document changes, misc unforseen end-client revisions
(1x) Stock image bank (5x)$25
STOCK SALE - All stock images commissioned for licensed use on a SmallDot project are now $5 until August 1st.

Monthly Services

Google Analytics Reporting $19.99/mo
Monitor and report Google Analytics data from the site during within the first three business days of every month.

Total: $2,258.73 | Total Monthly: $19.99/mo

Discounts applied: $534.50