Doginhaus Site Revamp


Sheri Zogg (

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Estimate Details


Recreate site in Wordpress with existing contents (excepting certain pages). Maintain same URL structures to maintain SEO. Redirects to correct /page/ URL structure. Use same page slugs.

Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 08.05.16, 08.12.16
Hours: 27 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 7 weeks.


(23x) General Pages$412.26
Home (with header image slider, About (4), Services (6), News (3), Pricing, Contact us, Sitemap, Terms, Privacy, Forms (4-5).
(4x) Form design from PDFs$515.24
Creation of interactive forms from PDF (4). All form information will be delivered to a web address, and a confirmation email will be sent to the user. Forms: Dog Profile, Cat Profile, Service Agreement, Reservations.

Monthly Services

Basic Maintenance plan (optional) $19.00/mo
We perform updates to the Wordpress Core as they become available for your site's stability and security. This also includes your active Wordpress theme. This does not include content-based updates, uploads, etc. These services mitigate need for support. We send a detailed maintenance report every month.

Total: $927.50 | Total Monthly: $19/mo

Discounts applied: $0.00