5SB Website Migration & Ordering System


Jacob Chung (5sushibrothers@gmail.com)
Five Sushi Brothers

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Estimate Details


Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 08.26.16, 09.09.16
Hours: 24.6 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 6 weeks.


(3x) Website Content Migration$306.81
Copy contents, images, social features
(3x) Email setup$62.1
Create, test email addresses (forwarding and system-use) using domain.
(20x) Branded Ordering System$3000
Click buttons to add to cart and checkout
Cash, card, online payment (Stripe+Spot) options
Email confirmation and receipt
Tax calculation (%)
*Smart Time slot selection
Central control dashboard
Own 100% of your data
Driver assignment dropdown (email/sms via IFTTT)
Tip tracking/entry
Sales reports
Toggle out-of-stock status on and off
Order meta (ID, etc)
Data: Manage products, appetizers, drinks, drivers
(1x) Spot Integration$199
Secure 100% Compliant card processing, Tip option on checkout

Monthly Services

Hosting by HostHuski $9.00/mo
5 GB on high-speed SSD drives. No visitor limits.* Host 3 websites. Host 3 domains. FREE SSL Certificate for the life of your plan. *Subject to monthly storage, and bandwidth limits where applicable in rare but extreme cases. Hosting services are separate from web design services. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime for any website hosted on our servers or any other hosting company’s servers you may be using.

Total: $3,567.91 | Total Monthly: $9/mo

Discounts applied: $0.00