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Estimate Details


Inspired by Prager U's strategy for facebook article meta design. banner image shows full wide on facebook feed. click to page with youtube video embedded.

Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 10.14.16, 10.28.16
Hours: 7.75 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 2 weeks.


(1x) Website installation$25
Wordpress website installation.
(1x) Get the Facts page$100
Page with 3 columns, graphic, title, blurb. (reference:
4 stock images from adobe library included for graphics. Client provides copy.
(1x) Email opt in$50
collect emails, add to email list (mailchimp)
(1x) Facebook open graph meta image for posts.$25
(1x) Donation module and donation meter (FREE with Spot)$0
Donation module using Spot platform.
(1x) Blog module$100
Blog feature to website, design and consistent branding of pages to match site. Ensure video can be embedded in posts. Integration with facebook open graph meta images from featured images on post settings

Monthly Services

Sapphire Hosting Plan (Upgrade needed to process cards securely) $9.00/mo
5 GB on high-speed SSD drives. No visitor limits.* Host 3 websites. Host 3 domains. FREE SSL Certificate for the life of your plan. *Subject to monthly storage, and bandwidth limits where applicable in rare but extreme cases. Hosting services are separate from web design services. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime for any website hosted on our servers or any other hosting company’s servers you may be using.

Total: $300.00 | Total Monthly: $9/mo

Discounts applied: $0.00