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Estimate Details


Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 02.24.17, 02.28.17
Hours: 41.5 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 10 weeks.


(1x) Logo$750.00
New icon and type solution, more strictly aligned with brand positioning and contemporary (not trendy) tech color pallettes and themes.
(5x) Catalog re-brand$599.80
Redesign with improved/revamped imagery, layout, color palette, typography, brand elements. High copy-volume.
(12x) Slide presentation rebrand$1439.51
Redesign with improved/revamped imagery, layout, color palette, typography, brand elements. High copy-volume.
(14x) Website rebrand, revamp graphics/aesthetic$1120.78
Reskin site theme (using child theme CSS) for color, typography, brand elements.
(10x) Stock image budget$100.00
Budget to purchase 10 stock images on client's behalf.

Monthly Services

Premium High-speed Hosting (optional) $9.00/mo
5 GB on high-speed SSD drives. No visitor limits.* Host 3 websites. Host 3 domains. FREE SSL Certificate for the life of your plan. *Subject to monthly storage, and bandwidth limits where applicable in rare but extreme cases. Hosting services are separate from web design services. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime for any website hosted on our servers or any other hosting company’s servers you may be using.
Full-service Website Maintenance Package (optional) $93.00/mo
  • Incorporate Wordpress auto-optimize plugin to work with WP Super Cache plugin.
  • Compress and optimize images on site.
  • Compress and minify CSS files, JS files, and HTML without breaking the site.
  • Limit or disable WordPress revisions
  • Optimize site performance to minimize server load and boost traffic capacity.
  • We'll secure, manage, and maintain (from behind the scenes) your Wordpress site so you don’t have to! These services mitigate need for support. We send a detailed maintenance report every month.
  • Core Updates - We perform updates to the WordPress core as they become available for your site's stability and security.
  • Plugin Updates - We update your active plugins.
  • Anti-Spam - We remove/empty spam comments and do what we can to prevent more from showing up later. Highly recommended if you have a Blog.
  • Optimize - We optimize site for performance and page load.
  • Security - We optimize site for security against hackers or bots and scan the site for threats.
  • Daily backup of your website database on server and in the cloud as your go-to fail safe.

Total: $4,010.09 | Total Monthly: $102/mo

Discounts applied: $747.80