Kovea Website Redux


Carrie Messerly (carriemae@thinkbigsites.com)
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Estimate Details


We are looking at redoing the site, making it more engaging. As it sits, the only interaction is a live feed of their social media content on a roller. We would like to see the story to be told on the landing page, with products being hosted on a separate page. I would like the products to be streamlined to the demographic we are targeting, so we can capture on click activity. I.e. (ultra light community, hiking community, camping community)

Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 04.03.17, 04.07.17
Hours: 16.25 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 4 weeks.


(1x) Landing page$103.31
Landing page with nav, hero slider, and channels/CTAs
(15x) General Pages$1240.50
Company, Products, Partners, Social Stream (client's plugin), Contact, +10 TBD pages.

Total: $1,343.81

Discounts applied: $318.00