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We are SmallDot. We combine our love for people, business, and strategy to provide robust creative solutions that make a difference.

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Estimate Details


Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 04.28.17, 05.05.17
Hours: 9.75 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 2 weeks.


(1x) Home page and design$127.76
Landing page with email optin. Use of brand colors and mark. Use of more rugged textures. White space.
(7.5x) Pages$767.02
Why, Services (7x sections for specific services, sub page for consulting), About, Blog, Contact, TOS, Privacy Policy
(1x) Wordpress install and setup$51.29
Install, setup, and initialize Wordpress on target server.
(1x) Opt-in email signup module$51.29
allow visitors to optin to email newsletter via Mailchimp

Monthly Services

Hosting $5.00/mo
1 GB on high-speed SSD drives. No visitor limits.* Host one website and domain.*Subject to monthly storage, and bandwidth limits where applicable in rare but extreme cases. Hosting services are separate from web design services. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime for any website hosted on our servers or any other hosting company’s servers you may be using.

Total: $997.36 | Total Monthly: $5/mo

Discounts applied: $0.00