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**Discounted to $1100**

Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 05.05.17, 05.12.17
Hours: 16.5 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 3 weeks.


(5.5x) Form rebuild, configure and design$454.85
Form is high complexity and high volume of fields. Create output template for form data for email notification to admin. (UPDATE: there are 5 of them?!)
(11x) 25 Pages, 3 layouts.$909.70
Why Incorporate
Why Incorporate
Sole Proprietorship & Partnership
Limit Personal Liability
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Nevada Series LLC
C corp vs LLC vs S corp
Two Corporation Strategy
Using Multiple Corporation
Different Fiscal Years
Initial Incorporation Services
Headquarters Office Package
Nominee Officers
Resident Agent Service
Telephone Service
Our Services
Incorporate Now Page;
New Form, with drop down to select which state.
Incorporate Wyoming (Mirrored template of Nevada with Migrated Content)
Why Wyoming
Establishing Wyoming Corporation
Make it work for you
Good Standing Requirements
Wyoming Entity is Separate
Wyoming VS. Delaware
Other Pages
Contact Us
(25 pages, ~3 layouts)

Total: $1,364.55

Discounts applied: $322.91