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Deadline (mm.dd.yy): 06.12.17, 06.23.17
Hours: 18 hours.

Delivery Estimate: 3 weeks.


(13x) Base Pages and Layouts$1075.10
20-22 Pages. 7 (A-F, M) layouts.

(A) Home Page
(M) Classifieds* -- (entirely new classifieds system, go to end of doc)
Pews and Chairs
Misc Items
Find Free Pews & Church Furniture
Used Stain Glass
Book Racks
Pew Brackets
(B) Selling Your Used Church Furniture -
(B) Donate Your Used Church Furniture
(B) Logos for your Site
(B) Delivery Information -
(B) Sending Photos -
(B) Ministry Links
(B) Cutting Down Pews
(C) Moving Day Photos
(B) Churches Needing Help
(B) Dealer Sales
(B) Crossing The US - Canada Border
(B) Privacy Policy
(D) Testimonies (HIGH VOLUME)
(B) About us
(E) FAQs
(F) Contact Us
(B) Scam Warning
(B) Pew Work info

(2x) Testimonials page volume$165.40
High volume of testimonial transcriptions 136-140x units.
(3x) Classifieds module configuration, setup, testing, training$248.10
Item Notes

Total: $1,488.60

Discounts applied: $352.26