About Us

This is who we are. This is what we do.


Your mom was right. Pick someone your own size.


We created SmallDot to help growing Utah companies grow faster through expert strategy, brilliant design and innovative problem solving. So let the bigger guys have their fancy ad agencies and their high priced consultants with the French cuffs and the nice briefcases. We do it all for less. We know you know what matters and that’s getting the job done in line with your budget and your deadline no matter how tight. And that’s what you can expect from SmallDot, first time, every time.

Because when you’re starting out, it’s the little things that matter. That’s why we offer friendly personalized service, no hidden costs and good old-fashioned elbow grease by people who know the big pressures of running a small company. So for everything creative your growing business needs, there’s SmallDot.


We're on a mission.


SmallDot Design's mission is to combine our passion for the highest standards of design excellence with our philosophy of friendly and dedicated service. This is just one way we strive to ensure you'll get what you deserve for a price you'll love. We offer quality service at prices significantly lower than other design firms without sacrificing quality or the solid experience behind the work we deliver


We've got the right approach.


SmallDot's approach is to combine marketing conscious design with personalized, friendly service to ensure you are well treated and your organization is well represented.
We have a passion for design and marketing and are consciously keeping our fingers on the pulse of modern media, design, advertising, and marketing trends to ensure we are providing you with our best design work, backed by current design trends. We genuinely care about our clients and will do what we can to help you.
Other agencies aim for only satisfying your desires at the expense (your expense) of real-world marketing and design conflicts that can cost your organization the professional and contemporary image you need. We don't design material that only looks good. We ensure that our design work functions, communicates, and appeals to you and your target audience.

How can we help YOUR brand succeed?