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Your team just got a whole lot bigger (and smarter).

Turn-key web design services at your command

We partner with your agency to deliver high-quality website design and development services on a project-by-project basis. We developed a formula-based method to provide instant estimates. Working as a partner guarantees you benefits like how sites are quoted, and where and how they are built. As a partner you'll enjoy our Partner discounts which range between 20% to 50% off depending on the project.

Unit-Based Pricing

We price based on pages on the site and other measurable factors to help us quote projects faster. This provides more cost visibility for you as you plan your margins.

Fast Quote Turnaround

Get a ballpark estimate instantly with our online tool, or a quote by submitting your project details to us. We can usually get a quote back to you within the same business day or 24 hours.

Made for Performance

We build our sites fully-featured, yet light-weight by integrating as much code as we can centrally to a child theme rather than using unnecessary plugins.


Our websites are correctly structured with H tags and properly named page slugs to make SEO on-page work easier.

SmallDot Partners enjoy 20% to 40% off all projects.

We cut our prices so you have room for markup.

Cost visibility, white-labeled staging URLs, and more

White-labeled development URLs.

Maintaining your branding is important when you're using any white-label service. Just point your subdomain to our hosting server to allow your client sites to be built under YOUR company's name! 

Unlimited staging sites under your name.

We can offer unlimited free staging sites on our server, because we own the hosting resource used for staging our sites. Enjoy unbridled scalability without additional cost.

Highly secured development environment.

Our hosting service, HostHuski, is built for performance, reliability and security. We build all sites on our server before deploying them live to your hosting destination of choice. But you really should check out HostHuski.

Learn more about HostHuski

Take on more clients and make commissions with Spot!

We have developed the only plug-and-play payment solution that provides automated commissions off of website conversions. Put their money where your mouth is and enjoy offering a results-based compensation to back up the good work you're already doing.

Your agency's (secret) weapon

We are part of YOUR team.

We never want to come between you and your clients. That's why we act as part of your team and ensure all communications flow through you.

You're in good company

Several agencies around the country use SmallDot to help deliver smart results to their clients.

We perfected our process so you don't have to.

We developed "The Concierge" to organize and track web project process at page level. We've programmed automated email alerts at every milestone to ensure you're aware of what's needed, what's been done, and what's coming.

Let's grow together.

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