Taskrace Identity & App Redesign

identity, design, mobile apps

The Challenge

John came to us about redesigning and branding his app, we couldn’t say no. This app is specifically designed to help motivate people with ADD and ADHD to get things done. After we added a big splash of color and more bold typefaces, we figured that might be the change the app needed to capture the fun of productivity for kids and adults alike, as this is an app that works best with families. With a bold, iconic and exciting logo redux, we took the genius behind John’s app engineering and married it to solid, strategic design. This is an app developed (and now designed) to make a difference. We’re going to continue working with John on developing the design of the app in 2016.

The Solution

We created a logo and app marketing graphics and icons for the Android and iOS appstore. We took the bare designs and redid them with user experience and vibrant colors in mind.

App boasts 5-star reviews

The app currently (September 2015) boasts all 5-star reviews since its Android debut several months ago.